July 13, 2020
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June 1, 2019

Top 10 Indian Fashion Brands For Women Clothing

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Indian buyers are becoming more and more brand conscious. They now don’t care to spend a few extra bucks on purchasing high-quality brand-label apparel. So it’s no wonder there is an infinite number of brands, both national and international, that feed to the fashion requirements of the Indians.

We like dressing in the trendy styles which are primarily our true personality and present a sense of belongingness to our society in the fullest. On the other cards, we also fairly admire draping us in western styles. We are always eager to go for trendy tops, pants, dresses, and more. And then, we have our astonishing brands in India that pass an impeccable combination of both, the eastern and western cultures.

Nowadays, brands represent an essential role in a person’s socioeconomic situation. Sometimes brands become the status figures. As a result, people are becoming more trend-conscious and consuming more part of their earnings on branded cloth.  There are several best fashion brands in India who have intensified their sales by up to 50% in the last 5 years.

Let’s look at the top 10 clothing brands in India for women.

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Lets get Started!

Forever 21

It’s a 1984 installed American fashion series that gives a variety of women’s clothing varying from western to ethnic wear. Forever 21 is devoted to all the young women who love and breathe style. Apart from apparel, you can get accessories and some beauty products at pocket-friendly rates. It is popular among youth consumers with a favourability rate of 80.5 percent.

Forever 21

Caters for: Men, Women, Kids, and accessories

Product Range: formal wear, Casual wear, party wear

Latest Trend: Stripes, Polka Dots, Cuffed pants, Prints, Tie-dye, Nude Colors, and sequin

How to shop online From Forever 21

•    Go to the Women Category and log into your account

•    Pick the product and check out its production by zooming in every minute detail.

•    Add the product to cart or prepare it for the order.

•    Fill up your adress details and choose the payment option.

•    Verify the order and confirm. You will receive a confirmation message.


Manyavar will surely satisfy your style palette. Manyavar focuses on the dressy side of eastern fashion and produces some of the most trending and elegant designs that can ever survive in the Indian fashion family. Feeding to both, men and women, Manyavar is one of the leading fashion brands in India, renowned for its highest creativity and natural color palettes used to create outstanding outfits.

Manyavar Collection

Caters for: Men, Women, Kids, and accessories

Product Range: Bridal wear, wedding wear, formal wear, and occasion wear

Latest Trend: Stripes, embroidery, geometric prints, floral prints

How to buy online From Manyavar

1.    Log into your online Manyavar account

2.    Check out the merchandise across categories and choose one.

3.    By putting an order on this site you are starting into a purchase/sale transaction.

4.    You can avail free shipping for domestic orders and can order internationally too.


H&M has now got over Zara as India’s fastest growing Global fashion brand. H&M is a favored choice for many because of the great opportunities. It often has to offer many and because of this, many opponents have had to cut their prices too. Indian women can get almost anything they want from H&M at a great value such as maxis, dresses, cardigans and what not. From time to time, we have witnessed many Bollywood celebrities too, opting for H&M. 

HM Clothing

Caters for: Men, Women, Kids, shoes, and accessories

Product Range: Casual wear, formal wear, party, and occasion wear

Latest Trend: Printed Tshirt, Cotton Jersey, Tie-hem Top, High Waist Shorts.

How to order online From H&M

1.    Log into your H&M account

2.    Pick the item and run through the complete description

3.    Enter the delivery features and pick your payment option.

4.    H&M takes cash on delivery too.


Biba is one of the leading Indian ethnic wear ladies clothing brand in India by Meena Bindra in New Delhi. From stylish Kurtis to beautiful salwar suits, Biba has a mind-boggling array of Indo-western outfits and has an elongated touch of Indianness in all honesty to its complete collection. The brand also gives a wonderful collection for little girls from the age group of 2 upwards.

If you are the Desi girl who likes adorning herself in the motherland cultures that are elegant and stylish at the same time, Biba is just the best pick for you. Rates at Biba can lie between $6 to $3299.

biba clothing

Caters for: Women, girls, and accessories

Product Range: Mix and Match, suit sets, dupatta, tops, bottom wear

Latest Trend: Knitted churidar, jacket kurta, asymmetric kurta

How to order online BibaClothes

1.    Log into your Biba account.

2.    Pick the item from the section

3.    Enter the delivery specifications

4.    If you are putting Domestic delivery then you can get your order within 48 hours

5.    Pick the payment option and secure free shipping at domestic orders.


If you favor quality over quantity then you have probably already learned of FabIndia. Here you can see ethnic wear, western wear and even outfits that are a blend of these styles. Being one of the best retailers in the different varieties of clothing, FabIndia still reaches out for its ethnic wear.

The brand was discovered in 1960 by John Bissel, an American who was serving in India’s retail business but today the brand has developed remarkably with a number of shops across the country. Not only this, but you can also look for the handcrafted accessories that would always tell you of something “desi”.

fab India

Caters for: Men, Women, Kids, home decor, Furniture, beauty products, and food items

Product Range: Casual wear, formal wear, ethnic wear.

Latest Trend: Ajrakh, chikankari, cashmere and contemporary style, Red and Indigo Color

How To Shop Online From FabIndia

1.    Log into your FabIndia account

2.    Decide the item across section you desire to go for.

3.    Enter the product delivery details and verify your order.

4.    A confirmation mail will be forwarded to your account.

5.    Copy the link to trace the status of your order.


It is a place where you can get the most striking prints in the most amazing styles. Long kurtas with longer palazzos and short asymmetrical tops with fitted pants-that how they work! The range is a bit steeply priced but the forms and styles offered by this brand prevail unmatched.

globus clothing

Caters for: Men, Women, and accessories

Product Range: Casual wear, formal wear, party wear, ethnic wear,

Latest Trend: Straps, Polka Dots, asymmetric hemline, mandarin collar

How To Buy Online From Globus

1.    Form a Globus online account

2.    Pick the product across the women category.

3.    Enter the delivery features and choose the payment option.

4.    Globus gives delivery outside India too.

5.    Free shipping for residential users.

6.    However, costs may apply if you have to put the orders outside India.

Global Desi

Global Desi belongs to Anita Dongre. Centered on the bohemian style, Global desi is your station for chic trendy traveler style fashion aspirations.  So if you’re a follower of the boho fashion trends then this is one name that you wouldn’t want to avoid.

The offers from the brands are pretty much what the modern fashion trends are in the western niche today. Apart from western styles and forms, Global desi Clothing is also a very excellent option for eastern fashion. Their ways are spotless. 

global desi clothing

Caters for: Women wear

Product Range: maxi dress, boho nightwear, and adventure wear

Latest Trend: Slim crop pants, coordinates, indigo top,  maxi dresses

How to buy online From Global Desi

1.    Log into your Global Desi account or register to create a new one.

2.    Choose the item from the category you want to take from high to low or vice-versa.

3.    Check out the complete description of the merchandise.

4.    Enter the delivery items and select the payment method.

5.    Your product would be given in 5-6 business days or you can also pick it up from the nearby global desi store.

Allen Solly

Allen Solly has been a brand feeding to both, men and women for all these years.  Women can get every type of western clothing item here such as dresses, shirts, jeans, trousers, and jumpsuits, etc. However, you won’t get much ethnic wear here.

Those who wear western outfits and are constantly interested in investigating the most fashionable items in the class, this is the spot to go to. Plus, Allen Solly is a fabulous pick for working women as well, for its outfits such as jackets, pants, and blouses most befitted for professional environments

Caters for: Men, Women, Kids, and accessories

Product Range: Formal wear, party wear

Latest Trend: Cotton, Polka Dots, Cuffed pants, Prints, Tie-dye, Nutral Colors

How to shop online From Allen Solly

1.    Log into your Allen Solly account.

2.    Go to the designated category you need to shop for.

3.    You can also seek the selected product essentially by entering your body size.

4.    Once you finish the selection process enter the delivery details.

5.    Fulfill the payment process and get your shipment.


If you’re looking for an affordable brand for women wear based in India that can present you with excellent quality and fashionable western outfits then Chumbak is the name to go for. Whether you search for their tops, tees or skirts for women, every outfit is simply delightful and definitely worth the money.

They include casual clothing with trends very carefully, bringing out an outfit that is certain to make the wearer look like a perfect fashionista. It has basically everything that a lady wants.

chumbak clothes

Caters for: Women wear, home decor, beauty products, and accessories

Product Range: Ethnic wear, casual wear, semi-formal wear, party, and occasion wear

Latest Trend: prints, coordinates for mom and baby, ivory tees, and flared sleeves

How to shop online From Chumbak

1.    Create a chumbak account.

2.    Choose the product of your choice from the given stores

3.    Enter the delivery items and your order would get delivered within 48 hours depending on the market nearby.

4.    However, transportation charges may apply according to your area.


The spot-on place for your celebration, formal clothes and for beautiful printed tops! You’ll not go out of choice, they guarantee! Interesting necklines and captivating styles are all that a girl wants to add that diversity in her closet of clothes! The fitted dress and paisley tops look like they associate with you.

mademe clothes

Caters for: Men and Women

Product Range: Formal wear, party, casual wear,  and evening wear

Latest Trend: Cuffed pants, Prints, textile designs, Tie-dye, Nude Colors

How to shop online from Madame

1.    Log into your Glamly account.

2.    Select the item from the section

3.    Enter the delivery details

4.    Select the payment choice and guarantee free shipping at domestic orders.

So, what are you waiting for? Do hassle-free shopping across various categories and look for the best deals outside to save at your online shopping.

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