July 13, 2020
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June 20, 2019

Fashion Tips 2019 – Time To Plan Your Monsoon Fashion

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Monsoon is the season when you enjoy the soothing smell of soil. Hanging out under an umbrella, feeling the cool breeze, listening to songs is the best way to enjoy the monsoon. Going on a road trip with friends can be fun in the monsoon. However, the real struggle starts when you step out in the water. It seems hard to stay stylish and cool while commuting in the rain. You might drop out the idea of going out for a coffee as you do not like to compromise with your looks by wearing that boring rainwear.

Now, you need not worry about your look for the monsoon. Use the Ajio coupons and shop for this monsoon season. Here are some tips that you can follow and look stylish in monsoon as well.

Style Tips For Females – Monsoon Season 

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Go For Light And Lose Tops

If you wear heavy fabrics in Monsoon, they would absorb the water and become heavier. Light fabrics tend too dry faster. So, opt for the light and looser tops and kurtas this monsoon and be relaxed. Fabrics like polyester and lycra are the ideal cloth choices for the monsoon due to its wrinkle-free feature. Scarves are life saviors for the females having struggles of carrying dupatta. You can carry chiffon, mulmul or a cotton scarf during monsoon.

Choose The Bright Colours

Light, pastels, whites are not the right colours for the monsoon. Hiding watermarks, as well as mud stains, are the major problems that women face in the rainy season. Wearing darker shades like grey, dark blue, brown can protect you from the embarrassment and look stylish too. You can pair these darker colour with neon coloured layers and minimal accessories. You can buy a green colour top and fashionable denim short at an affordable price using Myntra coupon codes.

Capris And Shorts

Well, fitted bottom makes you fabulous. However, when they become wet you might feel uncomfortable or irritated. To go out in rainy weather, the ideal bottom wears are shorts and Capris. You can also wear knee-length skirts with a cool crop top. For your formal look, a grey color shirt and dark blue colored ankle length pant with rough grained leather shoes are a perfect combination.

Baggage For Monsoon

For your shopping time in monsoon, say no to leather bags. There is a wide range of bag options for the monsoon that durable as well as comfortable to use. You can opt for the vinyl handbags, canvas totes and even transparent hobos are good choices. For a party in summer, a faux leather clutch is an ideal choice.

Weather-Friendly Jewellery

If you are going to a party wearing heavy jewellery and you get drenched in heavy rain, it does not seem good. Hence, playing smartly during the rainy season is the best way. Show the door to the metallic and wooden jewellery in monsoon. You can go for something simple such as small studs, broad cuff or a sleek and stylish neckpiece. Even a smart waterproof wristwatch would look cool on the wrist. 

Monsoon Fashion – Tips For Men

Dressing for this unpredictable is not an easy job. White tees and denim is a deadly combination for these damp days. You might be thinking about what to wear, what not to wear, what would be the right thing and much more. Here is the answer to all your doubts. Monsoon fashion tips to look cool and modish even in this moist weather.


The best bottomwear for men during monsoon are shorts. You can pair the comfortable as well as stylish shorts with t-shirts and enjoy the weather to the fullest. Chinos would work well to prevent rain splatters as well as mud stains. Fitted half shirts and shorts with bright coloured crocs would give you a wonderful casual look. Even vibrant chinos and tanks would look great and also add a good collection to your wardrobe.

Sturdy Umbrella

It seems irritating to carry an umbrella when it’s not raining but it is the only weapon to save you from getting wet the rain. A double-fold, wood handled umbrella is the best thing to keep with you all the time during monsoon. Right-sized umbrella would help you roam with ease in crowded places like market, restaurants and in public transport as well.

Waterproof Watch And Rubber-Soled Loafers

Casual sneakers, rubber-soled loafers, waterproof watch, or stylish rainwear are some of the essentials that you must look for. Make the best use of promo codes and shop the best outfit for this monsoon.
Amazon offers numerous deals on fashion wears from time to time. So, select the best clothes as well as trendy accessories wisely and make a fashion statement in this monsoon.

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